Women are scumbags.

Like all humans, on the inside they are dirty and soulless. To have a soul is to be above-human. To lack one is to be denigrated into dust.

You must recognize the dirty nature of a woman to understand that there is no soulmate for you. And you are just as dirty.

It’s time to join the club.

A bafflingly fucked up situation

As I write this I am angry, but calm and relaxed. I speak from the truest place in my heart.

As you know this site is dedicated to building the soul. What I am about to suggest will seem heartless, but remember that the soul is not happy fairydust business.

The soul is gutwrenching, haunting. It causes tremendous pain and you will suffer. At least until you learn to love the suffering, there will be pain.

My sex-addicted, doting girlfriend did something stupid. She was madly in love with me, but she was a victim. She was a bipolar, irresponsible mess. I could tell by her raging sex drive and behaviors as of late that she was becoming even more attached to me. I’ve been even more commanding and ruthless as of late, so I’m not surprised.

And while I’m not surprised at that, I am confused to a recent even that shattered our relationship. This isn’t the first time, but this is where I draw the line.

Former stripper retakes the stage

She started working at the strip club again and she came home the other night to fuck. Last night I sensed something was “off.” Like she was craving more from me. She wanted me to come in and watch her dance. I didn’t want to. I told her to text me. I thought it was understood she would be coming over to my place at 3am when she was off.

At 3:30 am she texts me

I’m at a party with some dudes what are you up to?

I was done. Done with this woman. I commanded her, in no uncertain terms (trust me), with anger and yelling, to

A) never see another dude without my permission
B) never drink with another dude ever

She promised to abide by these rules and she said, “I’ll make sure I don’t drink past a certain point.”

At the time I thought, “I shouldn’t even have to tell her these things. They should be common sense.”

Never trust a woman’s words. Always trust her actions.

And her actions were about to get worse.

She texts me “Baby?” an hour later. I assume that means my silence bothers her. Serves her right for trying to make me jealous.

So I make my decision:

im dumping you, you chose not to ask me for permission. have a good night!

And she would have a good night, all right. At 5:25am she sends me this text:

If it makes you feel any better, I was raped 4 times in painful ways and now have to drive myself to a CVS and spend my money on plan B birth control
You up?

A half hour later she sends me a pic of her with smeared makeup looking a little sad. But she looks perfectly 100% fine to me. And I can tell she’s in her apartment, safe and sound.

She follows it up with:

Because a pic is worth a thousand words

I am done with women. They are all scumbags. They are lying, chetaing bastards with no remorse, just like me. There is no true love and there can never be “love.” It’s all a fiction. There can be happiness–while it lasts. There can be some small enjoyment.

But the hearts of women are ruthless, as you ought to be.

This is the first time I of all people have ever said this and meant it: she is a dirty whore. She is a slut, and fuck her.

Normally I’d pride myself on being “open-minded” and “non-sexually judgmental” but I realized today that this just wasn’t true.

There are things I won’t tolerate, and there are things I refuse to have empathy for.

Even a heartless player like me gets hurt, and I feel hurt. I am also angry at her open defiance. And then disgusted by her blatant posturing for attention by pretending she was raped.

“Rape” or no “rape” doesn’t matter. This perfectly sums up my brutally honest feelings on the matter:

you went out to a party. with men. without my permission. without me coming along. with a bunch of drunken dudes. from a STRIP CLUB. what the FUCK did you expect to happen??? this is a blatant act of betrayal. there is no good reason for you to go to a party with other dudes, let alone drink with them. i explicitly fucking told you not to do either of those two things, and you promised not to. you have violated my rules, once again, and they violated you. serves you right.

I have zero sympathy. I don’t know what she means by “rape” but I’m assuming it means the “I got too drunk and they tried to fuck me so I let them and now I’m calling that rape to pretend like I didn’t want it” version of rape, the rape definition employed by American women and feminists to get rid of their responsibility and take revenge on men.

I texted her about the same and mentioned she should have called 911 instead of me. I told her she shouldn’t have “pulled this shit” and that she let this happen. Then I bade her farewell.

12 hours later I am bothered by her reply. Either she’s finally committed suicide this time or she doesn’t get how badly she fucked up.

Unable to contain my anger and need to resolve how I actually felt, I decided to let it all out and let her have it. I was out for blood.

yes. the pic is worth many words. it says this: here is a girl who made a completely mind numbingly stupid and irresponsible decision to go to a party, with other men, instead of going to see her boyfriend, and did not ask her boyfriend his permission, and did not even invite him to come along, and put herself in the presence of drunken men from a STRIP CLUB of all places, and is somehow surprised when she is “raped” and is now, somehow, telling that same boyfriend who she betrayed “I hope you’re happy I got ‘raped'” as if its somehow his fault that she made herself a drunken whore, explicitly against the rules that her boyfriend explicitly demanded of her that said, “ask me for permission before seeing other men” and also “do not get drunk with other men.” and her reply was “don’t worry I won’t I’ll do bla bla bla bla.” but now she has cheated on him and paid the price, and her ex-boyfriend has no remorse. he is still waiting for an apology, or an explanation, or something that can possibly make this out to better than it is. but he is skeptical, and realizes this is the last straw, and he will never date or fuck a stripper again. he realizes the girl is a piece of disloyal trash, who lied to him and played him, because if she really loved him not only would she not have even had the DESIRE to go to a party with men, but out of common sense would have gone out of her way to actively avoid compromising situations just like this. he is hurt because he wonders if he fucked up somehow, but then he recalls all of her past betrayals and decides there are surely women 1000x more loyal and less likely to cheat him and punch him in the face. thus, it goes down in flames. amen.

There’s a lot of insider material here. But it doesn’t matter. Think I’m being harsh? Her reply should be transparently ludicrous to anybody:

Wow. First of all, they said they would PAY me $300 if I “just went over to their party for an hour to hangout” secondly, I texted you to tell you where I was because I was going to see if you wanted to go and this gave me an excuse to leave, and thirdly, it’s never the victims fault to get raped nor is that cheating. Asshole.

Let’s take at two telling phrases:

Wow. First of all, they said they would PAY me $300

Does this sound like something you’d let your girlfriend do? Anyone? Any takers?

Even so, I fucking ORDERED her never to see other men without my permission. Even if none of this other shit happened, she’d still be dumped. But now it just gets worse, and worse, and worse.

And, of course:

it’s never the victims fault to get raped

I asked if she’d called 911. And here is the real gut-clincher:

No… I didn’t want to make a big deal about it

Ouch. I am speechless:

…….wow. don’t ever speak to me again. enjoy being a whore.

She asks me, “What the fuck is your problem?”

As if letting my girlfriend prostitute herself isn’t a problem. It’s not like I’m even getting a cut. This is direct disobedience. She has betrayed me.

“Its not my fault!!”

You want to know what my problem is? I tell it like it is:

OF COURSE its your fault you dumb broad. you let men from a whorehouse pay you to take you to a drunken party. what in the FUCK did you expect to happen???? you put yourself into a stupid and compromising situation that you KNOW I wouldn’t approve of and didn’t even tell me. its your fault you got raped and I hope now you have learned to avoid those kinds of situations and not do that again. but then again, given what [name of old roommate] told me about your past slutty adventures, I find that highly unlikely. you are just going to keep running yourself into the ground until you kill yourself, hurting everyone you claim to love along the way. i really hope you fix your soul because  its damaged and I cant save you. good luck.

Helpful hint: don’t want to get raped? Don’t put yourself into situations where you’re likely to get raped.

“I hope you feel good now! I’m a victim!”

My ass. There are a thousand things she should could have done differently. Like:

  1. not go to the party
    2. not disobey me
    3. not get paid to go to a party with men who already think of her as a whore
    4. not get drunk
    5. avoid the drunk men
    6. kick them in the balls
    7. scream for help
    8. call 911
    9. bite one of their dicks off
    10. use the pepper spray I know she carries

But it looks as though she didn’t do any of those things. It looks as though she enjoyed it, because, let me repeat:

No… I didn’t want to make a big deal about it

Getting raped isn’t a big deal? Prostituting yourself isn’t a big deal? Breaking my fucking rules and then hiding it isn’t a big deal?

She wants the money, she can have it. Fuck her.

Perhaps the most telling of all, though, are all the things she does NOT do:

1) no apology

2) no admittance of regret or even having made a mistake

3) no admittance that she broke my rules, should have listened to me, should have called the police, or should have done anything differently

4) no concern for me, instead she calls me an asshole for being righteously mad

The worst thing of all is that she stands up for her decision. And you’re about to see that.

Bottom line: she refuses to take any responsibility for her actions.

After my long tirade, guess what her response is? It’s quite telling, and the grief and frustration builds up in my soul to face the reality of the world, and the woman, and possibly the nature of all women. This is what she says:

I DID tell you about the party, AND I’m a grown-ass woman and I can go wherever I want.

That’s right. You can.

go to hell.


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  1. Well done.

    And well articulated.

    Good boundaries. Yes, you are right that you must demand better treatment, and that there are girls able and will wiling to give you better treatment.

    Not all girls are quite that fucked up.

    • Yes, I did the best I could. This girl just didn’t want to listen.

      She was on 10 different medications for her mental disorders but I suppose it’s a testament to my strength that I kept her around so long without her cheating. Most men complain that BPD girls disappear and dump them quickly and can never be loyal. But the incident in this post happened after 6 months with the girl.

  2. Dude, your life is absolutely filled with fighting and anger and misery. I’ve never had a relationship like that before, why do you do this to yourself?

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