Women don’t deserve shit from you

A woman is a fucking woman.

She’s a person; a human being.

She is not better than you, and doesn’t deserve shit.

She doesn’t deserve a fucking ring worth 3x your salary. Even YOU would never pay for that bullshit for yourself.

She doesn’t deserve to get “half” of what you own. She doesn’t deserve to have a baby when you don’t want one and then make you pay for it. It should be HER responsibilility. There are plenty of ways to get free or cheap abortion these days, or she can put it up for adoption if she wants to have it.

She doesn’t get to look through your phone or tell you off. She doesn’t get special treatment because she’s on her “period” or treating you like shit because she’s upset.

When she acts like a fucking prick, you kick her out or shut her up.

You don’t spend money on her or take care of her. She is not entitled to anything.

She doesn’t deserve exclusivity. Why should she? Why should YOU?

At the end of the day you gotta be patient with women and ALL people and realize they all get upset, start drama, and make mistakes.

But that doesn’t mean you have to put with it, and it doesn’t mean that they get a special right to it.

Stop taking girls out for steak dinners and by god, don’t give her a big fancy overpriced wedding.

Ain’t nobody giving me a giant white wedding, after all.

I remember one time a bitch got mad at me for not “taking her out” enough.

I asked her I am taking HER out; why aren’t we just going together? But she kept insisting.

Last thing I said to her was:

“Why don’t you take ME out next time?”

She got mad as hell and called me a “loser.” I just walked away and locked the door. She pounded on my door for 5 minutes straight wanting to come back in, but I was done.

Entitled bitch thinks she’s owed shit? But she ain’t.

And none of my guy buddies would pull that shit. None of them would pound on my door or call me a loser. They would take ME out next time, like friends do.

Being a woman doesn’t entitle you to jack shit.

Women can provide for themselves; they can think for themselves; they can make their own money.

It’s just that most CHOOSE not to.

And that’s not my problem. It’s “society’s” problem.

Don’t bow down to a woman, and don’t make a contract with her that entitles her to half of your money (I’m talking about marriage, dumbass).

Wake up and treat women like human beings. Imperfect, messy, and just like you.

Hold women to the same standards you would hold anybody else.


James Mast

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