Women want a different kind of power

Women want interpersonal power, not external power.

In other words women want to be “dominated.”

There is a difference between being wealthy and powerful and having power over a woman. They are two different things, and while science has allegedly determined that women orgasm harder for wealthy men, for one thing science cannot be trusted and for another thing my women cum every time I fuck them and I am not rich by a long shot.

No, what women want is for you to have power over them. And this can be done without finances or other external status displays; in fact a “good” woman (i.e. one who wants to please) will actually make this road to power easier, although that is not necessarily the best avenue for a developing seductive stud to learn from.

The best way to figure this out is to just act with authority over your woman. This does NOT mean being an asshole. Though many women will in fact put up with being an asshole. And we’ll have to define asshole.

A true asshole is someone who puts up a front, someone who conceals their true selves. Nobody likes this person.

The kind of “asshole” that women like is in fact a more genuine, emotional man. Sincerely, women crave emotions of any sort from a man. And it’s not even the emotions themselvs necessarily; it is the uninhibited, life energy that emanates from a man who is being authentic.

This means getting pissed. It means crying. It means making your true self known, and not just hiding everything.

This does not mean you have to become an extrovert, although personally I have found that much of my introversion was actually just being a “true asshole” and concealing myself, with a lot of my introspection just being immaturity and wasting my time.

Don’t get me wrong; meditation and visualization and mind power are extremely important to constructing your life, otherwise you are flying blind. And you will notice then when you reach a level of personal power (not interpersonal) and you realize that events unfolding in your life are actually resembling the things you’ve been thinking about.

It is not a coincidence.

But this post is not about personal power, it’s about dominance over a woman, and I hate this word dominance precisely because it is so overused and overplayed and in fact I think it’s actually a little bent out of shape.

A better word would be UNINHIBITEDNESS.

And this is what i have long been ruminating in my mind based on many experiences with women that just cannot be explained through traditional avenues or new-emerging avenues such as “game.” Game is overrated but not in the way many think. It’s not that game is not real; human psychology is obviously a real thing.

But the problem is that if you want to get good at influencing people then you will have to develop your INTUITIVE senses, not your intellectual ones.

This is why dumb jocks tend to do better with women.

Your “social skills”–more inward than outward–will better determine your success with women than your intellect.

This is why certain drugs such as phenibut or alcohol will make you more attractive to women (and people in general).

I’ve witnessed that when I’m on the verge of tears women smile at me and make themselves very warm toward me.

Also I have witnessed women hitting on me when I am visibly pissed off and horny.

After a while of these things happening you don’t write them off as one-off events, you determine that being authentic and displaying real emotion is wildly more attractive than putting off an unaffected front.

Now for those of you who find this disturbing or distracting to your goals, yes. It is.

But you will have to decide whether being human and allowing these emotoinal displays and getting the return of investment from people and especially women is worth it to you.

Being uninhibited is different than just being a domineering asshole.

Express your annoyance

Consider this:

My girlfriend was once going on about trivial bullshit and whining about her mother.

I told her I was getting tired of this.

She said, “You know, when this happens and I’m out of line you can just tell me to shut up.”

I’ll happily oblige, I thought.

Then she said, “My ex-boyfriends would always tell me, ‘If you don’t shut up I’ll beat your ass.'”

I thought this was a bit crass even for me but when you realize that women often stay with their abusers and actually DEMAND to be hit, then it’s a different story.

This same girl also told me one day (when she was at peak ovulation) that she wanted me to hit her to snap her out of her whiny, annoying indulgences. She was very anxious and to make me certain it was ok she smacked herself in the face.

So then I smacked her, twice. The first time was wimpy. The second time was rather hard.

She said, “Ow, that was hard” but she did stop complaining after that. I think we even had sex.

The colloquial term for this is, “Putting women in their place.”

And it has nothing to do with being an asshole.

It means you are GENUINELY annoyed with her fucking narcissistic dramatic needy bullshit. And you want her to cut it the fuck out.

Does this make you selfish? Yes.

Does this involve having power over another person? Yes.

But it is genuine and exerts your boundaries? Yes.

And this is attractive behavior, especially to women who are into men. Now I personally think all women have a degree of bisexuality but that is another story.

Having power over another person is intrinstic to living. You wield power and influence just by existing, if you choose to exist well. And that is unavoidable as long as you are human and living on this planet.

If you are doing what’s best for other people, that doesn’t mean avoiding them. You are only putting yourself at a disadvantage when you do that.

After all, if you’re going to concern yourself with what’s best for others, you need to consider that people are facing the same dilemma when they encounter you.

In any face off between you and another person’s will, one person will win. That is just reality.

And it might as well be you.

Practical tip: Get angry when you are angry.

Get and be annoyed when you are annoyed.

Tell your woman to shut up when you want her to shut up.

Cry if you feel like crying, even if it’s in front of other people.

And be happy and energetic if you feel like it. One time on Adderall I was running into a drugstore singing loudly with my girlfriend there.

She told me later that they said I was “funny” and next time she was there they asked her where I was.

And I did nothing except for be myself, however drug-altered I was in that moment.

Just express your emotions and you will be one step closer to your real self. Just remember not to be a needy, annoying lunatic. Women don’t always like that either.

A good way to sum up this article is just to keep this in mind:

Be yourself for you, and if they don’t like it then they can walk.

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